Clean Any Exterior with the LadderSaver Soap and Rinse Nozzle

Reach heights of sixty feet or more with the LadderSaver Soap and Rinse Nozzle

Stay Off That Ladder!

web_01The LadderSaver nozzle is a stainless steel, quick and easy, universal quick-connect compression fitting, that can be used with virtually any pressure washer. The LadderSaver will save you time and money, because it allows you to pressure wash a structure without the use of ladders, scaffolding, or heavyweb_03 telescoping wands.

With the LadderSaver soap and rinse nozzle, you can reach heights of over sixty feet, depending on the size of your pressure washer and the water pressure in your area. The LadderSaver can be used on vinyl siding, windows, buses, heavy equipment, hotel and restaurant windows, and the list goes on. The LadderSaver is perfect for commercial or residential use.

LadderSaver receives a “Top-Seller” award from Pressure Washers Direct! Congratulations to the LadderSaver Team!

LadderSaver, LLC is a proud member of the Cleaning Equipment Trade Association