Frequently Asked Questions

web_09Question:  What does the LadderSaver do?

Answer:  The LadderSaver propels chemicals and liquids 40-60 feet depending on your pressure washer and the water pressure at the job site.  There is no need for attachments or special equipment.  It is a single, universal, stainless steel, quick connect compression fitting that can be used with virtually any pressure washer from 1000psi to 6000psi.

Question:  Can you rinse with the LadderSaver Nozzle?

Answer:  YES!  That’s what makes the LadderSaver Nozzle unique!  There will be no need to change tips.  Just run clean water through your siphoning hose.

fl000008Question:  Who can use the LadderSaver Nozzle?

Answer:  Homeowners, painting contractors, window washers, pressure washers, farmers, restaurant owners, rental companies, heavy equipment operators and the list goes on!

Question:  Can I use the LadderSaver Nozzle to clean sidewalks and driveways?

Answer:  O.K. You got us! The LadderSaver Nozzle will not sandblast paint and will not clean driveways and sidewalks.  The LS nozzle is different from the 0, 15, 25 and 40 degree nozzles that would be used to perform such jobs, but it has so many other uses, you will wonder how you worked without it!

Question:  What if I am having trouble siphoning cleaning solution with the LadderSaver?

Answer:  If you are having problems siphoning cleaning solution with your LadderSaver, we recommend purchasing a chemical injector from CMC Pressure Washers ( One thing to keep in mind while purchasing your chemical injector is your GPM on your pressure washer. The website gives you the option to select your GPM before purchasing your chemical injector. We recommend the Down Stream chemical injectors (adjustable or non-adjustable flow).

IMPORTANT: After receiving your chemical injector, in between the two connectors will be two arrows, it is essential that these arrows point WITH the flow of the water (away from the pressure washer). This may require you to switch the two connecting ends.